Face recognition access control for the establishment of smart community escort

         Now, in order to strengthen community safety management, some living quarters in major cities have abandoned the previous access control magnetic cards and started to use face recognition access control systems to prevent unidentified people from entering and leaving the community.

         Face recognition technology successfully entered thousands of households

         Face recognition, though it is fame in recent years, but as early as iPhoneX and Alipay brush face payment, face recognition technology has been widely used in financial, medical and security fields, and now it is landing on the civil, into thousands of households , Yun Mai face recognition access control system is an example.

         It is reported that the reason why residential property selected Yunqian face recognition access control, mainly fancy face recognition technology reliability and convenience. Access to the card with forgetting card how to do? Brush face! Bag packet empty no shot digging access card how to do? Brush face! As a smart face with access recognition technology, the existence of face recognition access control, more is Emancipation of people's hands.

         Face recognition easy access to crack face makeup

         Face recognition turned out turned out to bring more than just convenience. According to cloud vein technical staff, face recognition technology is unique. There may be a "public face" in the human eye, but thousands of people face it before face recognition technology. Whether wearing glasses, wig wearing, or daily makeup will not affect the final recognition of the system.

         When a person approached the cell door range, the camera will automatically capture the face, capture the facial features will be compared with the face of the system, when it is determined to be a cell staff, the door will automatically open the lock, strangers usually The camera hovered in front of the gate may not enter, more likely to cause cell security attention to further strengthen cell security.

         In recent years, in the field of building smart communities, face recognition access control system plays an irreplaceable role in drawing a safe line of defense for the smart community. As the key to open the community door, face recognition access control system is simple, access to just a face, without contact, convenient and quick.

         At present, the face recognition access control of major manufacturers has been widely used in campus condominiums, living quarters, government agencies, business offices and other fields and recognized. In the future, with the research of face recognition technology, we will face recognition technology in more fields.


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