Card interconnection card universal

     June 12 news, with immediate effect, Jinhu in the county issued a unified public transport card, county bus terminal recharge point, the county radio and television outlets recharge every day have a special service for the new card. Bus card with ordinary card, student card, special crowd card and the national interconnection card, the national interconnection card in addition to the local use of the lake can also rely on this card by the country to open the Ministry of Communications "card interoperability" City, a card can travel all over the country.
       It is understood that the ordinary card: Jinhu household residents with ID card for non-Jinhu household residents with temporary residence permit for each card to receive a deposit of 10 yuan, the first minimum recharge 50 yuan, credit card travel each time 8 fold. Student card: Jinhu County full-time primary school, junior high school, high school students can apply for the first time by the bus company commissioned by the school to collect student information, each card charged deposit 10 yuan. Special card: A King card, Jinhu County 65 years of age (including 65 years old) elderly with ID card, each card charge deposit 10 yuan; B love card, with ID card, disability card for each Card collection deposit 10 yuan; C active military car card, I use the military valid documents for each card to receive a deposit of 10 yuan. National Interconnection card: all passengers can handle, each card charge deposit 10 yuan, the first minimum recharge 50 yuan, this card according to real charge. So that the county people to enjoy more convenient urban and rural bus travel services.


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