UnionPay International and First Data deepen cooperation to optimize US card service

         UnionPay International today announced that it has deepened its cooperation with First Data, the world's leading provider of payment services. The two sides agreed: First, by the end of this month to complete all the payment processing platform of the UnionPay chip transformation, and gradually The opening of its 4 million line of merchants to accept UnionPay chip card; Second, the opening of First Data's travel booking, entertainment business online merchants accept UnionPay card.
        Prior to this, First Data has been opened in the line under the merchants to accept UnionPay cards, the Union and its deepening cooperation, on the one hand will quickly expand the use of UnionPay chips in the United States to enhance the security card holders, On the other hand to achieve a large number of aviation, cruise, car rental, theme park, OTA (online travel agency) and other online merchants to support online payment by UnionPay card, in particular, support the UnionPay debit card, so that the United States and other countries, Free Tourists have more options for planning travel, online booking experience travel products.
          Almost all ATMs in the United States can use the UnionPay card to take cash, more than 80% of businesses can brush UnionPay credit card payment. In New York, Hawaii, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando and Chicago and other places of the well-known shopping centers and Outlets business district, UnionPay card coverage generally more than 90% coverage. Conforms to the United States visitors free exercise, the depth of the trend, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Super 8 and a number of chain hotel opened UnionPay card, United Airlines, car rental companies Hertz and Avis, Mobil station and New York, Boston and other east coast Of the subway to accept the UnionPay card service; Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge and other major attractions tickets can also be used to pay UnionPay cards.
          There are many exclusive offers in the United States using UnionPay cards. For example, in New York, Chicago and other places well-known museum, UnionPay card holders can also receive free tickets. The largest US chain department store Macy's has joined the UnionPay international cross-border marketing platform "excellent program", UnionPay card holders in the mobile phone mobile terminal to receive exclusive coupons, to show the consumer after the store, you can enjoy discounts.
         About UnionPay International
         UnionPay International is a subsidiary of China UnionPay, which is responsible for the operation of international business. It attracts global partners by membership system, expands UnionPay card outside reception network, enlarges UnionPay card issuance and use, carries out cross-border application of innovative payment and promotes international influence of UnionPay brand The With more than 1,000 institutions around the world, the current UnionPay network has been extended to 160 countries and regions, more than 40 countries and regions issued a UnionPay card. UnionPay International is providing high quality, efficient and secure cross-border payment services to the world's largest cardholder and providing an increasingly convenient localization service for more and more overseas UnionPay card holders.


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